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PM: Do Not Risk Your Future

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SRI AMAN: Sarawak’s majority Iban community cannot afford to risk their future by supporting non-Barisan Nasional parties, said Barisan chairman Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak.

This is because the community still required a lot of physical infrastructure which only Barisan can guarantee, he said.

The Prime Minister, who spent yesterday morning visiting two longhouses located in this division situated 200km by road southeast of Kuching, paid tribute to the community whom he described as warriors and a people full of spirit.

Najib braved heavy morning rains and winds to fly by helicopter from Kuching to the army camp in Pakit here before continuing by road to the Jegai Jawa longhouse in Kampung Purai.

At a gathering with the longhouse residents, Najib presented his case for Barisan.

He said it continued to make good sense for the Iban community to support Barisan as it was also in power at the federal level and could thus help them better.

“If we want to ask for help, we ask from those who are able to help us,” he said to cheers from the audience.

Barisan’s main opponents, namely DAP and PKR, were not viable choices, as both of them were at loggerheads and going against each other in six of the 82 seats up for grabs, he said.

Also present during his visit to Rumah Jegai Jawa was the Barisan candidate for Simanggang Datuk Francis Harden Hollis.

From Rumah Jegai Jawa, Najib travelled by road to visit another Iban longhouse, Rumah Faizal Radin in Engkramut, in Lachau, about 50km away.

Najib, in his speech to the residents at Rumah Faizal Radin, reiterated his call to the people to support the leadership of Chief Minister Tan Sri Adenan Satem.

“We want Sarawak to be more prosperous, and for that to happen, our state government must remain under the leadership of Tan Sri Adenan, the ‘ooh-ha’, ‘you you’, and ‘Young Ones’ Chief Minister,” Najib said, referring to the two popular catchphrases as well as the song synonymous with Adenan.

Also present during Najib’s visit to Rumah Faizal Radin was Barisan’s candidate for Bukit Begunan Datuk Mong Dagang.

In Kuching, Najib said that keeping the in power in the “right hands” would ensure continued initiatives for the bumiputras to succeed.

Speaking at the launch of the Hikmah Exchange economic hub in Satok, he said: “When power is in the right hands, the Pan Borneo Expressway can be completed, the Hikmah Exchange can be completed, the bumiputra agenda can continue, and Sarawak can prosper. Sabah can prosper together.”

The Hikmah Exchange development project in Jalan Haji Taha here is set to become a new landmark for Satok once it is completed.

The economic hub will consist of two office buildings, a commercial complex and a convention centre.


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