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PH’s Presence In Marang Considered A Nuisance

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MARANG – Pakatan Harapan’s (PH) decision to challenge for the parliamentary and state seats in Marang is unlikely to shake PAS’s dominance, and regarded as ‘nuisance’ in what has been a traditional straight fight between the party and Barisan Nasional (BN).

A recent survey conducted by Bernama in view of the 14th General Election (GE14) found that voters in the Marang parliamentary constituency were only willing to choose between PAS and BN, although PH would also be contesting through Parti Amanah Malaysia (Amanah), a PAS splinter party.

Despite claiming to bring a new ideology for development in the Marang constituency, Amanah still seemed to have failed to attract voters here, including the youths.

Musa Ramli, a 35-year-old trader, said if given a choice between Amanah and PAS, he would still choose PAS for the Marang parliamentary seat, because the strength and ideology brought about by its incumbent Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang was proven, unlike the promises sown by PH.

“For now, I will still choose PAS (in GE14). They appear to be more responsible than Amanah, whereby we have never seen them (Amanah) coming here to visit the people.

“The activities that PAS does here, like weekly talks, programmes to meet the people…are held all the time, and not only during election season. This proves they are responsible leaders,” he said.

Meanwhile, Osman Zakaria, 66, is of the opinion that PH’s presence in the GE this time is no less than just a ‘nusiance’ in the clash between PAS and BN.

“A majority of those in Marang (parliamentary constituency) are old people like me, and we blend well with PAS because its ideology resonates with us. Amanah…although people say that the party is fighting for the youths, not all young people here support them,” he said.

PAS president Abdul Hadi won the Marang parliamentary seat in 2013 with a 5,124 vote-majority against BN.

PAS also won three of the four state seats under the constituency, namely Rhu Redang, Alur Limbat and Bukit Payung, while Pengkalan Berangan went to BN. – BERNAMA

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