Philippine Airlines, Banned Since 2010, Allowed To Operate

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BRUSSELS – All the airlines from the Philippines, banned since 2010, were allowed to operate in the European airspace, as the European Commission updated the European Union (EU) Air Safety List on Thursday.

The EU Air Safety List is a list of airlines which are either considered not to be able to respect international aviation safety standards, or whose civil aviation authorities are deemed unable to provide the necessary safety oversight as foreseen by international aviation safety rules, China’s Xinhua news agency reported.

The airlines mentioned on the EU Air Safety List are either not allowed to operate to the EU, or in a limited number of cases can only do so under very strict conditions, explained the European Commission.

No new bans were imposed with this update, said the European Commission.

Right now, the updated EU Air Safety List includes 232 airlines that are banned from EU skies.

Additionally, the list includes eight airlines which are subject to operational restrictions. – Bernama