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Permaisuri Siti Aishah Comes Forward For A Noble Cause

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KUALA LUMPUR – Once upon a time, Yang Amat Mulia Permaisuri Siti Aishah Abdul
Rahman of Selangor was the Raja Permaisuri Agong.

As the consort to the Yang di-Pertuan Agong at the time, Sultan Salahuddin
Abdul Aziz Shah, she became the youngest woman to be the queen at the age of 28,
on April 26, 1999.

Many would also remember her as the first Permaisuri Agong who wore the

Since the passing of Sultan Salahuddin in 2001, Permaisuri Siti Aishah
accustomed herself to leading the life of a single and independent woman. It was
a life away from royal privilege and protocols.

This did not mean that she did not keep abreast with public issues or
welfare back then. It was just that she preferred to work behind the scenes
until recently, when she was invited to become the patron for a “telekung”
(female prayer garment) “wakaf” project.

The project was organised by Syarikat D’or Rue Sdn Bhd, a company
manufacturing ladies’ accessories.

(Wakaf is the dedication of a property by a person through a will or
otherwise for pious purposes, religious purposes or for charitable purposes)

“I was moved by this programme because it involved prayers and that was why
I got onboard.

“I usually work behind the scene, but this project is one so significant
that I don’t mind coming forward,” she said when interviewed after the launching
of “Projek Wakaf Telekung Siti Aishah” at a hotel here, on May 26.

Recounting the fasting months she used to spend with the late Sultan
Salahuddin, Permaisuri Siti Aishah said they would usually be at the palace in

They would perform their terawih prayers at different mosques around Morib
every night for the entire month, as a way to meet and connect with the people.

“He would also host an open house in Morib during Hari Raya. He liked it
there because of his mini zoo there.

“We would often visit the animals he kept there which includes flamingoes,
tortoises, kangaroos and goats,” she recalled.

Permaisuri Siti Aishah described her late husband as loving, caring and ever
concerned of her wellbeing.

“What I missed the most, though, was the way he would tease others,” she


Today, 15 years later, Permaisuri Siti Aishah is comfortable going around
her daily routine like a regular person.

She disclosed to reporters during the interview that she even drove to the
function herself.

“I drove here today. I am now a chauffeur to my mother,” joked Permaisuri
Siti Aishah, who attended the function with her mother and several other family

These days, most of her time is spent with her numerous “adoptive” families,
in addition to her own. She described it as “business kasih sayang” (the
business of love).

Besides that, she also enjoys cooking and collecting recipes.

“I like to learn with renowned chefs as well as housewives,” she said,
adding that she has plans to publish her recipe collection.

She intended to make it affordable for everyone, instead of turning it into
one of those coffee table cookbooks that could cost up to RM200.

“Perhaps I would publish it in the cheaper form of a magazine. I have yet to
find a publisher, though,” she said.


Life as a single woman can get lonesome, but the 45-year-old seemed calm and

When asked of her advice to other single ladies, Permaisuri Siti Aishah
promptly recommended the “tahajjud” (night) prayers.

“Try to be consistent in performing the night prayers. A lot of good will
come from it.”

Being older has also made her more determined to contribute to the world
around her.

“We must give more than we receive. We often don’t realise that we take more
than what we give.

“Always be in the service of others. Love and respect our parents while they
are still with us,” she said.


Projek Wakaf Telekung Siti Aishah started out as a 1Azam skill-training
programme organised by D’or Rue Sdn Bhd and several government bodies including
the Ministry of Women, Family and Community Development, the Ministry of Rural
and Regional Development and the Human Resources Ministry.

The government through the 1Azam programme aims at increasing the income
of groups such as single mothers, widows, the disabled and Orang Asli by
providing them with skills in sewing and creative handicrafts.

“We pay them for what they have sewn and market it for them.

“Realising their potential, D’or Rue decided to take the programme a step
further by launching the telekung wakaf project,” said the company’s managing
director, Hanizah Zainuddin.

She said 10,000 pairs of telekung were already sewn prior to Ramadan and
would be distributed in charity homes, mosques, prayer halls, religious schools,
RnR prayer areas along the highways and fuel stations across the country.

Some 5,000 pairs of telekung will be distributed throughout the month of

“If the project is well-received, we will continue to our target of 50,000
telekung pairs for wakaf,” she said.

The project is expected to last until Dec 2016. A pair of telekung for
adults is priced at RM35 while the children’s pair costs RM30.

For more information, contact 03-61841662/667 or 019-6821965 (Mohd
Zaharuddin), 013-3358570 (Wan Farah), 013-2250751 (Norlida), 013-3061175
(Rozita), 013-5118466 (Najwa) or 010-2919718 (Izziati).

D’or Rue’s office is located at 23, Kompleks Kilang SME Bank, Jalan SBC6,
Taman Sri Batu Caves, 61800 Batu Caves, Selangor. – Bernama


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