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People Will Choose BN Based On Good Track Record

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KOTA KINABALU – Chief Minister Tan Sri Musa Aman believes in the good judgment of the people in Sabah to choose continued progress and prosperity for the state by returning the mandate to Barisan Nasional in the 14th general election (GE14).

He is also confident of the people’s preference for BN to lead them based on its ability to maintain political stability, economic growth and social prosperity.

“Our achievements and success in developing the state are clear enough to show that we have fulfilled our mandate and responsibility to the people.

“We have been working and going to the ground from the very beginning since we formed the government in the last election,” he told Bernama.

According to him, BN and its leaders were not a seasonal party that went to the ground only during an election.

“We work for and come to the people before, during and after the election,” stressed Musa, who is also Umno Liaison chief and Sabah BN chairman.

On Sabah BN’s strategy in countering local opposition parties in GE14, he said BN leaders were constantly reminded against being complacent and to ensure that the party machinery is working smoothly at all levels.

“In fact we have no particular strategy because for us, ‘strategy’ means going to the ground and assisting the people at all times and seasons, without waiting for the election.”

Musa said the BN government had a success and achievement record, in contrast to the opposition’s record of unrealistic and populist promises.

“Insya Allah, with us all working together – the synergy between UMNO and other BN component parties, I believe we will repeat our past achievements. People know we have a good track record, we worked, we reached out to the grassroots and we took care of their needs.

He also said it had been a tradition for him to remind BN assemblymen to be diligent in visiting the grassroots, take note of the people’s problems and resolve them without delay.

“For me, the people of Sabah have very sharp minds. They will assess which ones are good and which ones are bad. They are aware of the consequences in making the wrong decision in the election,” he said, calling on the people to choose BN for its good track record.

Musa has led the state BN since the 2008 general election which saw the coalition capturing 24 of the 25 parliamentary seats and 59 of the 60 state seats, and repeating the victory in GE13, winning 22 of the 25 parliamentary seats and 48 of the 60 state seats it contested. – BERNAMA


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