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Pengkalan Kubor By-Election: No Local Issues Raised Thus Far

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Islamic state and Hudud laws seem to be the issue being played up by PAS in their nightly ceramah as the campaign for Pengkalan Kubor state seat by-election went through its second night.

PAS president Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang has been talking about history of Isalmic administration where politics and administration should not be separated as practiced by Prophet Muhammad in his nightly ceramah.

Local and national issues have thus far not been mentioned nor highlighted in his ceramahs or ceramahs of other PAS leader which at present gives the impression that there are no local issues of importance to be positioned at at the centre staqe of the campaign.

Even the party candidate Wan Rosdi Wan Ibrahim has been whizzing around the many ceramah venues the past two nights introducing himself and calling the voters to vote for him and PAS without mentioning what are the reasons.

He would appear just a few minutes after Abdul Hadi had spoken and then went off to another venue.

In the daytime from morning till evening, Wan Rosdi would be doing his walkabout accompanied by local leaders at the many kampungs in the 12 polling stations, shaking hands and introducing himself.

Barisan Nasional (BN) meanwhile has lined up as many as seven events daily from morning till night where the respective ministers and deputy ministers take turns to be present.

Accompanied by candidate Mat Razi Mat Ail, they launched several programmes with the participation of the voters which give a picture of togetherness.

The nightly ceramahs are attended by ministers, deputy ministers and the various component party leaders and the responses have been quite encouraging thus far.

They spoke on development while speakers on Islam spoke about PAS deviating from its original struggle when the Islamist party joined the opposition pact with the DAP.

The several towns in Pengkalan Kubor have yet to be seen as exciting as in an election probably because the parties contesting have yet to put up banners and flags.

In fact, banners containing faces of both candidates have not be put up that many yet and thus, the situation does not create the excitement of an election.

However, the locals expect the situation to change to more wild and politically exciting by this weekend when posters, banners and flags are ready to be put up.

As it is at present, the locals go about their daily routine as usual without much disturbances except for the nightly traffic jams at BN’s ceramahs.MYNEWSHUB

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