Penang’s ‘Rice & Roses’ Not Just A Soup Kitchen

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GEORGETOWN – Penang’s ‘Rice & Roses’ soup kitchen conducted by Pertubuhan Masyarakat Madani Malaysia every Saturday is not merely about providing food to the needy.

Coordinatator Mohd Bukhari Mohd Noor said the volunteers comprising non governmental organisations, university students and residents also build bridges with the recipients by encouraging them to share their views and situations.

“Rice symbolises basic food or requirement while roses allude to love and affection.

“That is the concept of our programme. In other words, there must be a balance. The recipients not only lack food, they also face problems such as mental and spiritual,” he said.

Meanwhile, Mohd Bukhari said the organisation chose Lebuh Acheh as its soup kitchen centre for its historical significance.

“Lebuh Acheh is steeped in Islamic civilisation and Malay history,” he said. – BERNAMA