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Pekan Will Continue To Be BN’s Stronghold

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PEKAN – Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak said the Pekan parliamentary constituency will continue to be a stronghold for the Barisan Nasional (BN) despite meeting with resistance from the opposition.

The Prime Minister said he was determined to continue the BN legacy in Parliament that started since the era of his father and second prime minister, Tun Abdul Razak Hussein, and was confident it would be carried on by the next leader.

Referring to the Paloh HInai district polling centre (PDM), Najib who is the ninth term incumbent of Pekan parliamentary seat, thanked the voters for their support to the BN.

“All those present are local residents. I like it when Datuk Abu Bakar Harun (BN candidate for Chini state seat) says this is all local products of Paloh Hiani PDM, we don’t import.

“In the last general election, Paloh Hinai PDM gave 85 per cent support to BN and its chairman informed me he is not satisfied with the total (percentage) and will add it to become 90 per cent this time,” he said.

He said this when speaking at the breakfast with Paloh Hinai voters session at the compound of Paloi Hina PDM in Taman Selasih here today, which was also attended by Abu Bakar.

Paloh Hinai has 1,106 voters, mostly from the Orang Asli community.

“This PDM is one of the pillars of BN in the Pekan parliamentary constituency since before and despite the uncertain political situation, this PDM has never wavered.

“I believe this time, PDM will record a very high percentage in support of BN and we will strive to give a clear signal that Pekan is a BN stronghold from before until now,” Najib said.

In fact, the Prime Minister said the statement of the masters of ceremony that “if the blood is tapped, the blood coming out is of UMNO lineage, for generations of our ancestors,” has caught his attention because it reflected the support of the local community to UMNO and BN.

He also announced the approval of an allocation of RM3.2 million for the construction of a new Paloh Hina mosque as well as plans to build the Rumah UMNO there after the GE14 as a gift to the people for standing firmly behind the BN.

“I hope we will obtain a result that is joyous on the night of May 9. As the candidate for the Pekan parliamentary constituency, as the BN chairman and as prime minister, I want to form a strong government in Putrajaya.

“This is because I want a government that can bring changes to the people. I am very grateful for the strong support and lively welcoming ceremony here and, hopefully, what we want will be achieved,” he added. – BERNAMA

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