Pekan Rabu Traders Must Relocate – Muhkriz

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ALOR SETAR – All traders in Pekan Rabu here will have to move out by the stipulated date to allow for reconstruction works to be carried out at the complex, aimed at providing a conducive environment for the traders in the future.

Kedah Menteri Besar Datuk Seri Mukhriz Tun Dr Mahathir said although some of the traders had protested, the development must go on as prior agreement had been made between the state government and Koperasi Pekan Rabu Alor Setar Berhad which represented the traders.

“Tomorrow is the final day for them to move out. They should move because the action of 20 traders should not jeopardize the majority of more than 260,” he told reporters after chairing an Exco meeting, here today.

“The final outcome is important to the traders because the new building is being build for them by the federal government and two-and-a-half years is not long, so hopefully they can be patient,” he said.

Recently, media reports said several traders in Pekan Rabu were not ready to move to Ukir Mall here because of various issues, including security and unhappiness over the allocation of business premise.

The temporary move would allow for the reconstruction of the complex which is due to begin in November, involving an allocation of RM53 million. – BERNAMA