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Past Leader Prepared To Resort To Agitation To Topple Government

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KUALA LUMPUR – Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak said a former leader was prepared to resort to agitation by accusing the struggles of the party led by him has deviated from the original objective.

Najib, who is also UMNO president, said the former leader was using such tactics as an instrument to draw people to join his party and divide the Malays.

He said that throughout his 40-year service with the government, he had his own struggles which was to promote the religion, race and nation.

“But lately, there is a former leader who is beginning to incite the people, planning moves within and outside the country to accuse me of doing the same things he was accused to have done when he was in power.

“It’s true that the past and present struggles are different. Previously the 91-year-old man was struggling for independence. Now, I am struggling for national progress,” he said in his entry in his blog entitled ‘Ucapan Perdana Menteri Mengenai Perjuangan Politik’ (the Prime Minister’s Speech On Political Struggles) yesterday.

Najib was clearly referring to Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad although he did not name the former prime minister.

He questioned whether the efforts to elevate the economy and standard of living of the people represented a struggle such as the building of infrastructure such as the MRT, BRT, LRT, Pan Borneo Highway, RAPID Pengerang, kota Iskandar.

“Is providing government aid such as TERAJU, TEKUN, 1Malaysia Aid, PR1MA, e-Kasih, UTC, RTC for the convenience of the people not considered a struggle?

“Are the efforts to develop sports to the extent of achieving excellent results in history not considered a struggle?” he said.

Najib said many people knew that the new political party led by former leaders were struggling to topple the government, to the extent of being willing to conspire with the chauvinistic party whose leader has been charged for corruption.

“Who is actually deviating from the struggle?” asked Najib, emphasising that he and the cabinet ministers would continue to be committed in the struggles to empower the religion, race and country.



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