Passengers Calm Despite Evacuated From Flight AF1741

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KUALA LUMPUR – Passengers of France-bound Flight AF1741, which was grounded at Amsterdam’s Schipol airport on Saturday after receiving a threatening tweet calmly handled the situation, said a passenger from Malaysia.

“I was on that flight. We were already on board when Air France received threats about this particular flight. They immediately offloaded everybody, we were surrounded by a lot of armed security personnel,” she told Bernama via a Whatsapp message yesterday.

She said the entire corridor where the passengers were was closed and they were asked to move in case a bomb exploded.

“They also closed all the blinds of this corridor. People were very calm, texting and reading,” said the passenger, who requested anonymity.

This was followed with two full checks on the plane, one with special explosive detector dogs, she said.

“Each suitcase was scanned at 100 per cent level of confirmation and were also checked for clearance,” she said, adding that an Air France pilot had spoken to the passengers to explain the situation.

“He said if any of us did not feel comfortable getting onto this flight, we could be moved to another one. We shall be boarding in 30 minutes,” she said.

According to her, the flight departed at 1845 GMT Saturday after a five-hour delay.