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PAS Reaffirms Its Religious Credentials

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ALOR STAR – PAS today doubled down on its Islamic credentials with party president Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang calling for a return to Islam to solve problems faced by the country.

He said Islam was against dictatorships which made deities of a person or persons as well as rejecting making gods of the people under the guise of democracy.

He said Islam also rejected theocracies where religious leaders who made themselves as gods nor accepted leaders who tricked the people.

He said Islam also rejected materialism where the resources of the country were used or abused, no matter if such usage was under the guise of liberalism, capitalism, socialism or communism.

“Being loyal to Allah makes politics, economics and all other human issues come under the command of Him,” he said in his presidential speech at the 63rd Muktamar. – The Sun


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