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Pas Does Not Trust Pakatan Harapan: Hadi

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KUALA LUMPUR: All those involved in forming Pakatan Harapan cannot be trusted, Pas president Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang said.

In a scathing statement Hadi also said the coalition places its hope on a shadow cabinet that has a weak concept of purpose in its aspirations.

He said DAP and Pakatan Harapan have shown its negative side in administering certain states, with an attitude that could create tension among the diversed community.

They even dared to venture into dismantling the basic social contract enshrined in the national Constitution, Hadi said in the statement posted on the party’s news organ Harakah.

Hadi said Pas will remain true to its mission to serve as a political party that upholds Islam but embraces the concept of being in a diversed sovereign nation.

“The party wish to call upon all Muslims and non Muslims to reject this these groups that tries to conspire against efforts taken to move forward as a nation for the good of all,” he stressed.

“Non-Muslims should also reject fanatic parties and groups that put importance on secularism like DAP and Pakatan Harapan, who separate life affairs from their own religion and allow their religion to be used as a tool for anyone for the sake of temporary politics,” he said.

This was the opposite of what Pas aspires in its political struggles that places priority to religion and not seats, Hadi said adding the party still chases for seats either to lead or with the opposition that consults not spoils.

“This is the difference with Pas in Kelantan where we can continue with our struggles even if we are strangled on our necks and not allow ourselves to be pierced by the nose,” he stressed.

Hadi stressed that Pas could not be swayed by those who were uncomfortable with the Islamic approach, which was different from opposition approaches in other countries who ruled without knowing right or wrong.

“Pas does not need to be affected by other groups’ propaganda who are supposedly worried that Pas will be cheated by Umno or vice versa.

“This is because Islam teaches us that sincere efforts and intentions of cheating are things only known to and punished by Allah while we deal with what is apparent.

“Those who try to threaten Pas based on electoral seats or positions in government should learn about Pas’ history.”

He explained that Pas only won two seats in Kelantan and none in Terengganu after it was expelled from Barisan Nasional in 1978.

“PAS does not die with the fall of government or loss of seats.” -NST

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