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PAS And DAP Spat, Nothing Happens As Both Are Scared To Leave PR

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PAS and DAP are playing sumo wrestling – charging at each other, exchanging banters and even challenging each other to leave the opposition pact since early this year, and until today none has taken the move to get out.

While PAS leaders insisted the party would continue to stay in Pakatan Rakyat (PR) while at the same time implement the Hudud laws which was the party’s original objective, DAP’s Lim Guan Eng insisted that was not part of the PR framework that was inked on 2008 and as such, the Islamist party had no right to implement it while still in the pact.

Lim continues to pursue the line that PAS should leave the pact if it wanted to implement the Hudud and PAS deputy spiritual chief Datuk Dr Harun Din reiterated the party’s stand that DAP should leave if it did not like what PAS is doing.

Hudud laws is a contentious issue since both parties – poles apart in their ideology and objectives – worked together to win over Putrajaya in 1999 until at present.

And until today, none wants to get out of the ‘love-hate’ relationship as both know they need each other to win the political war against Barisan Nasional (BN).

And one thing for sure that both parties concur, none of the party can ever get as much support as they got in 2013 general election if they are to split as each fear the unknown – will each of the party gets the same support and number of votes they got in 2013 general election.

PAS cannot boast of total Malay-Muslim support with its Hudud laws as the Malays are still split in supporting the laws despite it being compulsory for Muslim to support Hudud.

DAP on the other hand cannot boast of total Chinese support when the community knows the party will still be an opposition without PAS and Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) help.

Malaysia’s political landscape is such that no one party can win over Putrajaya on its own which explains why a coalition of many political parties representing each community is needed to rule.

DAP may be daring enough to leave the opposition pact but the question is will the party get total Chinese support knowing it will not win over Putrajaya unless the community is very sure that throwing its fate to the multi-racial Chinese party will pay off.

2013 general election was a totally different picture as the three parties in Pakatan Rakyat (PR) were very confident of their political gamble but they lost.

Umno on the other hand, will not win Putrajaya solely on Malay support as the party needed other parties to complement it to have the required majority in parliament to rule smoothly.

Call it power sharing or political co-operation or in Arabic Tahalul Syiasah or whatever, the fact is no single party can rule Malaysia without the other’s help and given such background, DAP and PAS can forget about taking over Putrajaya if each is on its own.

Thus, PAS and DAP are expected to continue throwing banters and daring each other to get out but none will do so as the leaders know, going alone will get them nowhere in the real political landscape of Malaysia.

And while PAS and DAP are engaged in verbal challenge, PKR are having its own problem with the Malay leaders and MPs in a Catch 22 position – to support or not the Hudud laws.MYNEWSHUB


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