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Paris Jackson’s Boyfriend Caught In N-Word Row

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PARIS Jackson’s new boyfriend has been caught using the N-word in a series of tweets.

It comes just two weeks after Michael Snoddy – who reportedly began dating 18-year-old Paris last month – was accused of being racist after allegedly getting the Confederate Flag tattooed on his wrist.

The tweets, dating from 2009 to 2011, feature repeated use of the word n***** and resurfaced following the earlier allegation.

“@lolmattd hooked us n***** up at ‘The S***’!!!” reads one post.

In 2011 he tweeted: “Thirsty thursday with the n*****”.

“put your hood up n****, put your hood up!!!!,” was another.

Earlier in April, Snoddy denied racism when he responded to accusations from the gossip site TMZ.

The drummer – who is reportedly six years older than Paris – showed off his ink featuring the flag, which has been linked to racism in the southern US, in an Instagram post.

Although there have been calls for it to be banned, Paris’ man linked it to “Southern pride” in the post of the finished design, which appears to have since been deleted.

He wrote: “I’ve been wanting this tattoo since middle school.”

Despite criticism surrounding the ink, Michael fired back.

He said: “I wouldn’t be dating a black girl if I were a racist.”

Paris – who’s father Michael Jackson was black – appeared to brush off any controversy, sharing a snap of the couple sat in the sun. – Daily Mirror

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