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Papa Gomo To Be Arrested For ‘Instigating’ Low Yat Violence

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KUALA LUMPUR – Inspector-general of police Khalid Abu Bakar said he has instructed that blogger “Papa Gomo” be arrested for creating false news in relation to the brawls that occurred at Low Yat Plaza.

Speaking to reporters at the mall today, Khalid said this was in relation to the claim that a youth was cheated by a handphone trader.

The police chief confirmed that the youth, who had caused the first brawl, had indeed stolen a handphone from one of the shops.

“His accomplice then created false stories which was further hyped by social media users.

“They (social media users) created false stories and one of them is Papa Gomo. I have instructed for these people to be arrested,” he said.

Khalid added that it was better for Papa Gomo, whose real name is Wan Mohd Azri Wan Deris (photo), to surrender before the police come looking for him.

Confirming that others would be arrested as well, Khalid however declined to name them lest they ‘run away’.

Although Khalid did not specify which posts ‘Papa Gomo’ had falsified or helped to spread, a posting the blogger made on Facebook on Saturday saw him claim that shopkeepers had cheated the youth by selling a cloned handphone.

“The Chinese worker then accused the boy of stealing and took him to the police station. The boy then told the police that he did not steal the phone and showed the police the receipt (to prove that he did not steal the phone),” claimed Papa Gomo in his post.

Although ‘Papa Gomo’ in his post said that he did not know whether the tale was true or otherwise, he rationalised that the youth would not have called his friends to create havoc at the store later if it was true that he had indeed stolen the phone.

“It’s been forever since these people (Chinese traders) sold fake goods to Malays. Only Malays are so stupid to continue supporting the DAP pigs,” he said.

Meanwhile, Khalid (photo, at right) confirmed that the police would also monitor posts made on social media in relation to the incidents.

“We will arrest those who purposely spread false news which would lead to riots. We will not let this continue.

“I urge the people not to spread false news,” he said.

Several people were hurt last night after a gathering near the mall turned rowdy.

The brawl last night was in response to an earlier fight on Saturday evening, where the suspect, together with his friends, had attacked a handphone store there.

Police, however, denied that the suspect was cheated and instead confirmed that the suspect had indeed stolen the handphone. – M’kini

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