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Palanivel Under Siege

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KUALA LUMPUR – Datuk Seri G. Palanivel is under attack and his deafening silence is not going to help this time – calls for him to follow the Registrar of Societies (ROS) directive to hold fresh party election has taken a new twist.

It is no longer an internal party matter as the whole Indian community is watching while other political parties representing the Indian community are following the development closely with ravaging eyes.

The MIC president does not seemed to ‘in touch’ with the party nor the Indian community’s needs – instead of acting on ROS order either appealing for more time or sitting down with the ‘illegal central working committee (CWC) members’ to solve the matter, Palanivel instead dropped six officials and replaced with his own people.

The ROS had ordered the party to hold fresh election for all post except for four – president, deputy president, Women chief and Youth chief – after it found claims of irregularities in last year’s party’s election was true.

Palanivel had met the ROS to iron up matters but as claimed by party vice-president Datuk M. Saravanan but what transpired in the meeting was not briefed to CWC.

Whether Palanivel is doing it on purpose or he has lost track of ROS directive, the one thing that is very clear and obvious is that the Indian-based party in Barisan Nasional (BN) is in trouble of being de-registered.

If he is only interested in strengthening his position by taking advantage of ROS orders where he can drop those against him such as Vel Paari and few others, then he will succeed but the party will no longer remain as the representative of the Indian community in BN.

However, if he is wise by taking the ROS order to make amends and close ranks, then the party has a chance to win back the trust of the community.

But the situation now is that the party is out of touch with the community as it does not gain new influences in the last general election, living only under the shadow of BN without any plans or show any effort to rejuvenate itself.

Palanivel helmed the party since October 2010 and until today, he has not had a blue print on how to position the party to be acceptable by at the very least half of the Indian community.

The party was already losing majority of the community’s support and trust when Palanivel took over and instead of rejuvenating it to face last year’s general election, he had chosen to continue running the party in that situation which explained the poor performance, that time along with MCA and Gerakan.

Then when the party held its election last year, Palanivel overlooked or shut an eye on the non-registered voters’ claim which is now the matter of contention resulting in the ROS ordering the party to hold fresh election.

If Palanivel fails to solve the present problem in the party, MIC is expected to lose more support from the Indian community and its rival – Indian Progressive Front (IPF) – is expected to gain as it awaits stronger support to be able to join the BN coalition.

The MIC may not be strong enough to oppose IPF’s admission when the support for the party is weaker than IPF.

Given the scenario, the ball is now at Palanivel’s feet and the situation at present is very dicey – whether he kicks it or just let the ball there he is going to lose – as not just support within the party but also the community at large.MYNEWSHUB


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