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Palanivel May Follow DAP, No Fresh Election

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MIC’s internal feud does not seem to end early and easily given that the president and deputy president who met yesterday did not have any conclusion on what course of action to be taken next.

Datuk Seri G. Palanivel had met his deputy Datuk Seri S. Subramaniam after yetserday’s Cabinet meeting and both said they understood each other but none said anything on how the party’s internal problem should be solved.

While Palanivel waits for his appointed lawyer to deal with the Registrar of Societies (ROS) on how the party could solve the issue without fresh election, Datuk T. Mohan called Palanivel to conduct fresh party election for all posts so that a clear mandate could be sought for the party to move forward without hitches.

He said the ROS directive was clear that a fresh election had to be held for all posts except the president, deputy, youth and chief and women chief but since Palanivel seemed reluctant, he should then hold fresh election for all posts.

“In this way, party members can decide once and for all who should lead and if Palanivel is to win, he can always forego the 2016 party election since the election has been held this year.

“Then he can proceed to chart the party’s future according to his idea since he has the mandate,” he said.
Mohan was one of the members who reported to ROS about irregularities in the party’s 2013 election which prompted the Registrar to conduct an investigation and after one year concluded that MIC needed to hold fresh election.

Mohan said Palanivel seemed confuse and not in the know on what actions to be taken plus his fear of losing his presidency.

He said Palanivel had, instead of appealing to ROS and iron things out, dropped the already declared illegal office bearers such as the secretary-general and replaced with someone he liked.

“He does not even know exactly what he is doing and where he is heading to.

“The best is call for fresh election for all posts so that he can have a clear mandate if he thinks me and few others are nuisance and trying to obstruct his plans for the party.

“With the fresh mandate, I and those few whom he called the unsatisfactory few will not haunt him anymore,” he added.

MIC has got about 30 days more to comply with ROS directive after which no one knows what action the Registrar can take.

The ROS had taken similar action against the DAP where the Registrar found there was irregularities in the party election middle of last year but until today the party has yet to hold a fresh election.

Going by DAP’s experience, Palanivel is expected to continue running the party with the same people elected in 2013 party election until the party holds its election in accordance to its constitution which is next year.MYNEWSHUB


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