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Over 60,000 Turtle Eggs Rescued In Honduras

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TEGUCIGALPA – Honduras reached a record when it rescued 63,423 eggs from sea turtles during the closure period in the Gulf of Fonseca, from 1 to 25 September, environmental groups reported today.

The director of the organization Progolfo Luis Turcios assured that the number of eggs collected this year was unprecedented in the last four decades and demonstrates the support of individuals, private companies and government institutions in safeguarding the ecosystem.

To rescue the eggs, whose embryos or newborn species will be released next November, five turtle camps were installed on the Honduran coast of the Gulf.

‘During the closure period at the Punta Ratón camp, 287 turtles were spawned, 122 at Punta Condega, 110 at Cedeño, 79 at Carretales and 133 at Boca del Rio Viejo,’ said Turcios.

In that sense, he explained that activists first placed the turtles on the beach, then proceeded with the collection of eggs and their replanting in artificial nests.

He also expressed his hope that this operation will reach a 95 percent birth rate of turtles.

According to the official, Honduras ‘is being seen as a sanctuary for the spawning of the the olive ridley sea turtle, the smallest in the world.’

On its migratory route from Patagonia, Chile, to California (United States), this species uses the Gulf of Fonseca as a feeding and spawning site, the expert pointed out.

He also stressed that every time more fishermen are actively involved in the collection and care of eggs, thanks to massive campaigns of environmental education, as the conservation of this species contributes to maintaining the balance of the ecosystem.- BERNAMA


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