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Opposition’s Slander Is Melaka BN’s Main Challenge

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MELAKA – The slanders hurled by the opposition at the Barisan Nasional (BN) are a major challenge for the Melaka BN in the face of the 14th General Election (GE14), Melaka BN chairman Datuk Seri Idris Haron said.

The Malacca Chief Minister said the opposition, especially in this era of digital media, had spread false facts and that the act was deliberately made to cause confusion among the people.

“They (the opposition) cheat on the facts, lie and deliberately defame for the purpose of confusing the people which turns into a crisis of confidence against the leaders and governments. They hope this will be translated into votes against BN in the GE.

“Our challenge, the opposition comes with cheating, a crisis of confidence that has caused us not to vote for the ruling government that has taken care of us so well all these while,” he told Bernama at Seri Bendahara, Ayer Keroh here today.

He said the opposition frightened the people that the Melaka economy was on the verge of collapse, but all these were not true when Melaka’s gross domestic product increased from RM27.6 billion to RM33.2 billion, while the per capita income of the people increased from RM35,699 to RM41,363.

Idris said the people should be wise in evaluating all the news that came to them especially from the opposition so that fake news would not have a negative impact on their lives.

“Hence, voters need to check and research first (news obtained) before spreading them … the act of spreading news without checking or researching its validity can lead to destruction of society,” he said.

Meanwhile, commenting on Malacca’s preparations for GE14, he said Melaka BN was actively preparing the party machinery especially at the voting district centre and was awaiting the announcement of the candidates by the top leadership.

“In the concept of being in a party, we see in terms of the needs and requirement of the party leadership (in selecting candidates), the party leadership looks at the main need and interest of the whole country, so we must respect the leadership’s decision for the benefit of the party members,” he said.

He said the Melaka BN had handed all the names of potential candidates to the party leadership to be analysed and decided upon. – BERNAMA

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