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One-Trick Pony: Julia Perez Sparks Ire With Racy Photo On Instagram

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Julia Perez is a sultry, hip-swivelling celebrity in a country where her cleavage draws ire from Islamic hardliners and a conservative broadcast commission recently censured a public television station for airing a program of her clad in a skimpy skirt.

But it’s not just the way Perez dresses that provokes controversy. The 29-year-old actress and performer, popularly known as Jupe, has resumed her tireless effort to challenge the traditional concept of taboo, by posting a picture of her holding her….nether regions.

If that wasn’t enough to tickle your fancy, the former province political candidate included a caption along with the suggestive snap, which read: “If this image is ‘moving’, then you are stressed that you don’t get to eat (this).” As if!



In true Jupe style, she infuses her signature racy remarks with humour to make them more acceptable.Living in a conservative country, Jupe’s trademark sexual quips are viewed as offensive but she proved to continue testing the seams of what is acceptable or not.

She once famously quoted that women’s true nature is to satisfy the lust of men and was involved in catfght with rival, Dewi Perssik.MYNEWSHUB Text: SARA KHALID

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