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How Often Should You Actually Wash Your Hair?

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Between beauty experts condemning daily shampooing and the emergence of the no-poo trend, we’ve been questioning our personal hair-washing habits lately.

According to celebrity hairstylist Kylee Heath, it depends on how often you use heat tools, whether you get highlights, and (that fickle beast) your texture. Ask yourself these three questions before you reach for your favorite shampoo:

What’s your hair texture?
Those with curly texture can go up to five days without shampooing, says Heath. (Whether you want to get your hair wet and use conditioner is up to you.) Washing can strip your scalp’s natural oils, which help define spirals and make them less poufy.

For normal to fine hair, you may need to shampoo every other day or daily to avoid looking greasy—especially if bangs are involved. Just be sure to use a mild formula that won’t dry out your hair and a hydrating conditioner only at the ends.

How often do you heat style?
Regardless of texture, if you’re addicted to straightening and curling, you should take a few extra days between washes—Heath recommends three. Aside from taking a break from damaging blow-drying, not washing will help restore moisture to fried strands.

To keep things looking fresh until you suds up again, make dry shampoo your friend.

Do you color your hair?
Bleaching and highlighting your hair makes the follicle more porous, so it absorbs excess oil and looks less greasy, explains Heath. Most color-treated gals can go two to four days without washing (if you’re just touching up, you can stick to your regular routine).

When you do shampoo, Heath recommends washing twice with a protein-packed formula to remove product buildup and cut down on breakage. If your hair needs extra TLC, coat it in coconut oil the night before you’re going to wash it, pop on a shower cap, and deep-treat your hair while you sleep.


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