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Of Getting Back Together With Nedim: It’s Possible, Says Nora Danish

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After the shocking split of her relationship with Nedim Nazri Aziz, actress and TV host Nora Danish admitted that she would not reject the possibility of rekindling the romance with her ex if it was truly their fate.

Talking to BH Online, the bubbly 34-year-old revealed that although they are no longer an item, they are still on good terms and even went out together a few times as friends.

“It’s true that we did hang out together after our break-up. We’re both adults who are matured enough to handle our problems diplomatically.”

Both have known each other for about 10 years; they ventured into business together and became close when their marriages failed.


Keeping a positive outlook on the future, Nora knew that good things cannot be rushed.

“I won’t deny the likelihood of us getting back together and get married. Who knows? If it is meant to be then it shall. But as for now, we are more comfortable this way,” said Nora of her former,two-year relationship.

Previously inseparable and looked very much in love, the pair had no limitations in professing their love and affections to one another on social media and to the press, which ultimately surprised fans when they announced their break-up.

The reason of the split was cited to be because of a third-party intervention, although Nora quickly brush off the gossip by divulging that the relationship ended because of unsolved problems that occurred in their romance that needed time to be sorted out.




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