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Nothing Wrong For Students To Be Anti-Establishment

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KUALA LUMPUR – There is nothing wrong for the young, especially the students, to have have anti-establishment sentiments, but they need to be wise and responsible, said a senior UMNO leader.

UMNO Information chief Tan Sri Annuar Musa said anti-establishment sentiments were necessarily as they shape critical thinking and produce a generation that is sensitive to the nation’s needs.

“It’ is not wrong to have anti-establishment sentiments as I cannot imagine a scenario of all yesmen, However, the sentiments should be well managed and they should not believe issues brought by certain parties but should understand the fundamentals,” he told a news conference after attending the ‘Diskusi UMNO-Online Anda Tanya Kita Jawab’ programme, here today.

The anti-establishment sentiments were not their rejection of the government but just to state their stand on certain issues, and thus was also aimed at the Opposition leaders.

The discussion titled ‘Are the Young Anti-Establishment?’ is organised by UMNO Online as a platform for professionals and students to discuss current and people issues.

Annuar said the discussion would be held weekly whereby the public can ask questions that would be answered by UMNO leaders.

“This is not a show but a platform for the people to bring certain issues to a higher level, including Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak, because we want to become a government which listen,” he added. – BERNAMA


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