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Nothing Malay About The Malay Mail

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Personally I do not give two hoots if, to my reckoning, the tad arrogant Siew Ka Wei wants to fill the Malay Mail with his equally, to my reckoning, arrogant Chinese friends.

If it is true than Siew Ka Wei has brought the act of spitting on the face that gives him many chances and opportunities and blessing to be successful businessman in the country, as a new arrogant Chinese culture.

It appears he does not seemed to respect his friend Najib Razak the prime minister of the country, or he just couldn’t care less?

Barking Magpie is concerned. Very concerned., to hear this character Leslie Lau, who was brought over from the Malaysian Insider to head his Malay Mail Online portal about a year or so ago, is going to be named Executive Editor of Malay Mail the newspaper.

Again, I don’t care if Siew Ka Wei wants to put all his Chinese friends to head the MALAY Mail but Leslie Lau?

This guy is not just anti government and anti Najib when he was heading the Malaysian Insider, he had served as a journalist for Singapore newspaper and in the process made himself into a Kalimullah loyalist.

You guys remember Kalimullah? He was anti Najib because Najib was a threat to Abdullah Ahmad Badawi his boss then. I wonder if Leslie Lau’s ascension in the Malay Mail has the blessing of Tan Sri Alamin, also Najib”s old friend.

And what has Datuk Rocky’s Bru got to say? Is he enjoying life with less concern about his political surrounding. He sits on the Malay Mail board, last I checked, don’t you have a say man. And also Rocky and Kalimullah are mortal enemies.

May be the PMO should make an inquiry about this or is it the PMO is too indebted to Siew Ka Wei for organising many free games of golf ?

Or maybe Najib himself should called Siew Ka Wei and asked whether this is true.

We, the pro-Najib bloggers, have been fighting to save the political skin of the prime minister to combat his mortal enemies like Leslie Lau and now he is being paid big money by friends of Najib.

Maybe I am getting fed up, may be I should quit everything when our sacrifice in fighting to protect Najib’s name vehemently may have come to nought, with the ascension of our mortal enemy working for what? Al Amin what are you doing my man!

If I am wrong I will apologise!

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