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No Truce Between PAS And DAP

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The spat between PAS and DAP has not ended and the Sunday meeting did not achieve the Pakatan Rakyat (PR) goal of uniting the squabbling leaders of the two parties.

The warring parties that are still under the opposition pact unregistered banner has only stopped issuing press statements – no open war – but their paths are till poles apart with no meeting point.

And the so-called ceasefire is not expected to be long as both the parties – PAS and DAP – are continuing with their pursuits to achieve their respective goals.

PAS will not stop its plan to implement Hudud laws as that has been its objective as an Islamic party while DAP will not back down from pursuing the council election which the party deem as necessary in a democratic system.

The slightly more than 90 minutes meeting was as good as ‘looking back’ at what went wrong and what could have been done to correct the situation but nothing beyond that were seriously discussed and nothing were achieved.

PAS sources said the party agreed to ‘tarbiyah’ or educate the Pakatan leaders council on Hudud Laws and the processes Kelantan has to go through to table a private member’s Bill in parliament to enable the state to implement the law.

“It is not that PAS need agreement from the PR leaders council to table the Bill and implement Hudud laws.

“It will only be a tarbiyah or education to the leaders and nothing more.

“The leaders have no right to stop PAS from implementing the party’s objectives which included the Islamic state,” the source added.

PAS’ stand is straight as the source puts it – whether the partners in Pakatan like it or not, the Islamist party will implement its objectives wherever and whenever it is in power – set up an Islamic state and implement the Hudud Laws.

And DAP on the hand has similar objective – the council election is the most democratic to elect councillors.

In short, the next meeting of PR leaders over PAS Hudud Laws will not be a meeting to discuss and approve but just a meeting of knowing what the Hudud laws are all about and the processes the Islamist party would take to implement it.

There is no such thing as the meeting would discuss whether the Hudud Laws should be implemented now or later and how the laws should be tuned to current needs and so, the source said.

PR de facto chief Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim had said on Sunday after the meeting that the leaders would meet again for PAS to table the Hudud laws before the Islamist party could go ahead with its plan to table the private member’s Bill in Parliament.

The opposition pact had wanted the meeting to patch the bad-blood between PAS and DAP which spat had turned into a serious political squabble that threatens to split the eight year old pact.

The meeting did not achieve anything meaningful as there were no discussions on DAP’s local council voting and PAS Hudud Laws – the two contentious issues that hang like a big knife on the chopper’s block, waiting to come down and split the head from the body.

In short, PAS and DAP will continue to pursue their respective goals and whether this will affect the pact’s future performance is of no concern so long each of the party satisfies their respective electorates – PAS the Muslims and DAP the Chinese.-MYNEWSHUB.CC


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