No Elements Of Foul Play In Prisoner Found Hanged At Kluang Prison

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KUALA LUMPUR – The Prisons Department confirmed there was no element of foul play or wound on the body of a prisoner who was found to have hanged himself at the Kluang Prison on May 22.

Prisons Department deputy director(Prisons Policy) Supri Hashim said based on the examination by the coroner and investigation report by the department’s headquarters, there were only bruises on the victim’s neck.

“The outcome of the post-mortem showed the death was due to hanging,” he said in a media statement yesterday in response to reports in several Tamil newspapers on the incident recently.

In the 10.25 pm incident, a prison personnel, who was on patrol, found the prisoner had hanged himself from the air vent grill using the clothes provided by the prison.

Supri said efforts were to save the prisoner by bringing him down and sending him to a hospital for treatment, but the prisoner was pronounced dead by a medical officer at the Kluang Hospital.

He said the Kluang Prison management had complied with the stipulated prison procedures, as well as making a police report and informing the family.

Meanwhile, on health treatment for Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim at the Sungai Buloh Prison, he said it was based on prison procedures where all prisoners would be examined by a medical officer when they entered the prison, and from time to time.

“Prisoners who need further treatment at hospitals outside the prison, including treatment by specialists, will be referred by the medical officer,” he added.

He said the Prisons Department had never prevented prisoners from seeking further treatment at hospital if it was ecommended by the medical officer who had examined the prisoner. – BERNAMA