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Nik Aziz Rejected Lavish Lifestyle, Used Paper Envelope As Wallet

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As Nik Aziz’s condition fluctuates, his supporters still bear hope that he will regain his health and resume his duties as PAS’ spiritual leader.

Though the next general election won’t be due until 2018, the party’s tight grip on the Kelantan state slowly looses itself following speculations of the possibility of a new leader to be appointed to replace the frail Nik Aziz.

A very simple man with a humble lifestyle, the people of Kelantan hold Nik Aziz dearly. When he first became mentri besar, he chose not to stay in the official residence of the state government head but in own kampung house in Pulau Melaka, where he continued to lead a modest life, away from the gold and glory usually enjoyed by prominent dignitaries.

A leader without a wallet: the picture of Nik Aziz pocketing his paper money-pouch went viral in 2013.

It is said that even when Nik Aziz performed his prayers in his office, he would switch off the lights, for he considered this as his private time with God and that there was no need to use the rakyat’s money.

And he is even more thrifty with his own cash. It was well-documented that he didn’t even own a wallet to keep his money, but employed a flimsy paper envelope to keep his money instead.

Despite being in power of the state for 22 years, Nik Aziz rejected the opulent lifestyle favoured by his peers in politics.

After seeing the picture, a PAS member decided to present him with a proper wallet to keep his money.The wallet was hand-made, green in colour and bore the PAS logo.

Nik Aziz recalled that he had only bought two wallets in his lifetime: once before furthering his studies abroad and another upon his return.

The picture of Nik Aziz receiving the wallet went viral shortly after it was uploaded on Facebook, with some 108,000 views within four hours.

These days, the lenses shift focus on his health, which was reportedly deteriorating since he stepped down from his position in June 2013.

Nik Aziz was admitted to the Universiti Sains Malaysia Hospital in Kubang Kerian yesterday evening.

Nik Abduh‎ on Monday said his father was no longer able to pray at the mosque for the past month due to fatigue.

But, he added that his father still resumed his normal activities at home, such as walking, reading and resting.MYNEWSHUB






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