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Nik Abduh: DAP Will Lose Non-Muslim Votes

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KOTA BARU – DAP will lose the support of non-Muslim voters for raising unnecessary religious issues, says PAS Youth chief Nik Abduh Nik Aziz (pic).

“I am confident that although DAP appears to have strong support, the non-Muslim support will slowly reduce after this.

“Because I am sure that even non-Muslims would disapprove of such heated politics, especially when it involves religion,” he told reporters at the party muktamar here on Wednesday.

The Pasir Mas MP said the party had conducted research and found that not only Kelantanese but people nationwide supported the Private Member’s Bill on Syariah court amendments.

“So DAP does not need to play with fire when it comes to religious issues.

“This is an issue related to Muslims and it does not in any way bother non-Muslims,” he said adding that the Bill was for the benefit of all Malaysians.

“It can oversee all social problems which can lead to crime. This doesn’t only happen to Muslims but non-Muslims as well.

“This bill is related to religion and DAP should respect PAS and Islam,” he said.

On May 26, PAS president Datuk Seri Hadi Awang tabled the bill to give Syariah courts jurisdiction over Muslims in the state. – The Star Online


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