Nicole Appleton And Melanie Blatt’s Houseshare

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ALL Saints singer Melanie Blatt has revealed that she moved in with her bandmate and pal Nicole Appleton when the group reformed.

Melanie who has daughter Lilyella with her ex Stuart Zender moved back to the UK from Ibiza when All Saints reformed and now lives with Nicole, who split from Liam Gallagher in 2014 after he fathered a love-child with another woman.

“I’ve had to move in with Nic now, with our children,” said Melanie while Nicole who has son Gene with Liam added: “Which was our dream. 11 years old and we said we’re going to live together one day and we are.”

“It’s perfect. We like the same TV. The same food, same everything,” she explained to The Observer Music magazine.

Meanwhile, band’s new single ‘One Strike’, written by Shaznay Lewis, was inspired by Nicole’s split from Liam and Shaznay admitted their entire album ‘Red Flag’ is deeply personal.

“Obviously ‘One Strike’ came out of conversations with Nicole and about other things as well. Quite a few things happened throughout the last year that made us look at life in a different way because we’ve seen things really come along and change things just like that,” she said.