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NGO Plans Food Coupons For Homeless Chow Kit Kids

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KUALA LUMPUR – With the worrisome number of children and adolescent on the streets, especially around Chow Kit area involving Malaysian kids, the scenario has left many to ponder about their future or what will they be when they grow up.

With most of them not receiving formal education, and some not possessing either birth certs or identity cards, it makes it tougher for them to get a job.

Most of the children live on building pavements with their parents who live on a day-to-day basis and rely on food given by good Samaritans.

With the objective to help these children break the circle of poverty and empower them, Grow the Goose founder, Ida Faranina Othman has come out with an idea of rewarding the children by giving them coupons for their good deed, as well as for job done.

“Food and clothing coupons will be given to each kid but there will be other coupons that will be rewarded upon their good behaviour, attending classes, doing chores and many more,” she said to Bernama.

The reward coupons, in the form of movie tickets or taking them for ice-skating, will be given based on their performance, she said.

The pilot project will be launched in collaboration with Yayasan Chow Kit (YCK). It will benefit some 100 kids, with an initial budget of RM500,000 for the first phase.

“Basically the idea is to have coupon system for these kids. This is because, if we give them cash, we worry that the money might be misused, especially by adults around them,” said Ida Faranina, who is fondly known as Nina.

She said the coupon will be printed with child’s unique ID .

The social entrepreneur said that the idea proposed It is not just a ‘feel good short term’ campaign, as it opens the door for the children to enjoy basic needs and life like other children.

“Opening the door to the children in this way will empower and motivates them to work hard to achieve their dreams, not just ‘surrender’ to the circumstances that they were born into,” she said.

Hoping that the system could be implemented soon, Nina said she was open to work with government agencies to make it a success.

“We are still working on the mechanics with YCK, as well as another NGO – KL Krash Pad and welcome partners and individuals who can help us make this a success,” she added.

She said the system could also be applied to families living in the People’s Housing Project (PPR) area.

“In PPR areas, majority of the families earn minimum wage. Hence, with this scheme, the burden of the families can be reduced and the children will be more productive and they will also be able to contribute to the household,” she said. – BERNAMA


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