News Of Relocation Of Prophet’s Tomb A Lie

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KUALA LUMPUR – The news of plans to relocate the tomb of Prophet Muhammad published by British newspaper ‘The Independent’ is purely a lie, says the Islamic Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (ISISCO).

In a statement sent to Bernama, Thursday, ISISCO which is based in Rabat, Morocco, strongly condemned the baseless allegation made by a reporter of the newspaper, Andrew Johnson.

The newspaper published an article, Thursday, written by Johnson which said the controversial proposal was contained in a survey document prepared by a prominent Saudi academician.

The report said the tomb of Prophet Muhammad would be moved from its present location in the al-Nabawi Mosque in Medina to the Baqi graveyard and that the Saudi authorities were discussing the proposal.

ISISCO said the irresponsible report was a huge lie arising from the hatred for and conspiracy against Muslims and the Saudi Arabian government, which is the guardian of Islamic sacred sites.

It said the false claim was also aimed at creating confusion and chaos which could threaten security and harmony as well as worsen the situation in the region where sectarian wars and violence were going on.

ISISCO called on Muslims throughout the world not to believe the allegation and said the Prophet’s tomb would remain at its current sacred location.

It also urged the Saudi Arabian authorities to sue the writer and newspaper for the lie. – Bernama