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New Video Of Bullying Surfaced

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PETALING JAYA: Another video of a student being bullied is now spreading through social media, barely a week after a similar video from a different school went viral.

This new two minute, 51 second video from Sarawak was uploaded by the ‘Warga Prihatin’ Facebook account on Monday morning, and the recording was credited to ‘1Agenda’.

The post has since garnered 170 shares and 160 likes in addition to over 90 comments.

From a flag seen in the video, it is understood that the incident took place in a classroom of a secondary school in Sarawak.

In the video, the victim clad in a baju kurung can be seen being slapped by another girl who is dressed in sportswear and a tudung.

Another girl then joins the first attacker, and she proceeds to hit the victim in the face repeatedly.

The victim’s head can be seen hitting a wall, and although most parts of the video were inaudible, words like ‘bodoh’ and ‘keluar’ could be heard before the bullies force the girl out of the class.

One of them then kicks her in the abdomen.

The two bullies then drag her around by her hair until the victim falls to the ground.

While the victim continues to sob on the floor due to the assaults, other students including boys can be seen posing for the camera and heard laughing in the background.

None of the students attempted to help the victim, but instead stood around to hurl insults. One student could be heard saying “suruh dia masuk, nanti nampak” (ask her to come in, otherwise can see).

Those with information about the school or the students are encouraged to report it.-The Star


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