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New Tactics Used To Rent Out Leased DBKL Bazar Lots

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KUALA LUMPUR – The issue of people renting out bazaar lots allotted to them is not something new in the city. It has been a thorn for Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL).

DBKL undertook various initiatives to tackle it, starting with issuing a compound fine of RM1,000 to those found guilty of renting stalls to others, seizing their items and even blacklisting them on the list of applicants for trading licences.

However, these measures did not work as the culprits always found ways to go around the enforcement.

DBKL Socio-Economic Development executive director Datuk Ibrahim Yusoff said DBKL had never overcharged the rental for bazaar traders, which was usually below RM1,000 for the whole Ramadan period.

Ibrahim told Bernama that these irresponsible traders kept appearing as they changed their tactics to hoodwink the authorities.

He said one of the traders’ new tactics was to register those renting their lots as workers or assistants to cover up their operation.

He said this was quite challenging for the authorities to detect but DBKL stationed several of their enforcement officers throughout Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman round the clock to tackle the problem.

“We will go after them relentlessly because they have gone to the extreme by renting out their lots for up to RM20,000 when we lease it to them for a low price.

“We are offering trading opportunities during the holy month but they are taking advantege of the facility. We are greatly disappointed,” he told Bernama.

He said a total of 5,000 traders applied to obtain Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman bazaar lots this year but DBKL could only provide 400 lots due to the implementation of the River of Life project in the area.

Ibrahim advised the honest bazaar traders to also play their part by reporting the errant traders to DBKL. – BERNAMA


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