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New Study Suggests Obese Women Earn Less Than Skinnier Counterparts

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Heavier women are more likely to be lighter in the wallet, according to a new study by Vanderbilt University.

In the US research’s finding, it says obese females tend to occupy lower-paying, more-strenuous jobs in less-visible corners of the workforce when compared to average-sized women and men.

In fact, the link between extra pounds and leaner paychecks is distinct: When a woman “becomes overweight,” she already is less likely to land a public-facing role in better-paying white-collar jobs, according to research released Tuesday.

And women who are considered obese or morbidly obese — based on their body mass indexes — are more likely to forced into some of the cheapest-paying, most labor-intensive roles in industries such as home health, food prep and child care, said Jennifer Shinall, the study’s author and an assistant professor of law at Vanderbilt Law School.

“The data shows employers don’t want to hire heavier women to be the face of their company,” Shinall said.

However,the pattern doesn’t seem to affect morbidly obese men, which sheds a new light on sexual discrimination in the workplace.

Meanwhile, Walter Lindstrom, attorney and founder of the Obesity Law and Advocacy Center, points out that overweight women, in general, are often the subject of workplace discrimination.

“Obesity has clearly impacted women in employment,” says Lindstrom. “Promotions and economic opportunities are more limited for people of size, and there are issues with how well they present a corporate image to the public. This is similar to race discrimination.”MYNEWSHUB


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