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New Korean Beauty Trend: Peel-Off Lip Stain

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First, a vocabulary lesson. Pack, in Korean (and correctly pronounced as peck), refers to a type of mask that is lifted or peeled from the skin when dry.

Berrisom’s My Lip Tint Pack abides by the same principle (glob it on, wait, peel it off), but instead of the glowing skin you’d expect after, say, a luminizing mask, you’re left with perfectly stained lips.

It’s revolutionary, a little startling, and potentially frustrating—all of which makes it that much more exciting in my book.

The formula is like a stain, but on a hefty dose of steroids. This isn’t a swipe-on-and-go tint—you’ll need about 15 minutes, some manual dexterity, and a strong stomach for fake gore.

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The gloss goes on and peels off like raspberry-flavoured superglue. The peeling process is supposed to help remove dead skin cells from your lips, so be prepared to lose a layer or two.

It’s not so much hydrating like the formula suggests, but that’s not really the nature of a stain anyway. You might need to add some balm afterwards, but it’s well worth it—after the peel, you’ve got a base stain that’s a bright but believable pink. And that color’s not moving for at least 12 hours. So those afraid of colour commitment literally need not apply.

Berrisom’s peel-off lip tints aren’t available in Malaysian stores just yet, but you could always order online on Soko Glam or Amazon, if you have cash to splurge.-MYNEWSHUB.CC



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