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Netizens Predict Hanez Suraya And Freshly-Divorced Romie To Resume Their Romance

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You can count on the netizens to give their two cents on the private lives of celebrities.

Unwanted advice aside, this time they went to the conspiracy route and conjured up predictions on Hanez Suraya.

Hanez came under fire when she openly declared a romantic relationship with a married father of two, earlier this year. The two have since split up due to pressures of the public and Hanez’s lack of acting gigs.

Now that the actress’ ex-boyfriend, Romie Razil Adilha, have officially divorced from his long-suffering wife, netizens foresee an upcoming reunion to happen between Hanez and Romie.

One commenter said, if the pair decides to resume their romance, she wouldn’t bat an eyelid: “Next month, the headline on the frontpage of Harian Metro would read ‘Hanez+Romie to tie the knot’…Along with cliched statements, like “We still love each other, that is why we got back together”, while another commented: “This is part of the charade. Sooner or later, news broke that they are getting married or got hitched at the Thai border.” Ouch!


Allegations that Hanez was the reason behind Nurliyana’s divorce with Romie, also known as Mr R, was denied vehemently by the actress, as she had only known him since December last year.

“I just got to know Romie a few months ago, but she has accused me of having a relationship with him prior to this.

“She filed for divorce in October last year — two months before I knew Romie. I will wait for her response on the apology request and if she refuses, you can wait for my next action,” she added.

Nurliyana also alleged that Hanez and Romie went for a vacation in Bangkok last year to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

In the meantime, let’s keep a close eye on these two.MYNEWSHUB


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