Netizens Help Khaidir Ahmad Bear Legal Costs

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KUANTAN – The Facebook account status of former TV3 News Editor Khaidir Ahmad, who seeks financial assistance to cover the legal cost of a civil suit against him recently, has caught the attention of netizens.

Khaidir, who currently ventured into caged ‘patin’ (catfish) farming in Sungai Pahang after quiting TV3 in Dec 15 last year, uploaded his status on Sunday, asking for help to sponsor at least RM2.60 per person to pay legal costs amounting to RM10,600.

The suit was filed by a senior government official from the Temerloh District Office relating to the disputed sand pump by the residents of Mukim Lebak, Temerloh over his fish cages in Sungai Pahang.

“I have no choice but to take this measure by begging for donations from friends who care to help bear the legal costs and other related ones,” he said in his status.

The request by Khaidir, who has been well-known as a journalist for his courage in exposing illegal forest encroachment and environmental pollution, caught the attention of netizens who also shared his status.

Many came forward to donate to ease his financial burden.

It included contributions from an individual from Washington, United States amounting to US$26 (about RM112).

Khaidir, who is also the Pahang Persatuan Pelindung Khazanah Alam Malaysia (PEKA) chairman, managed to collect RM9,712.20 within four days after the status was uploaded.

When contacted by Bernama, he felt grateful and was touched by the concern of Malaysians not only from within the country but also abroad, including Australia and Indonesia that enabled him to pay for his legal costs last Thursday.

“I was forced to ask for public donation to bear the legal cost because I no longer have any financial resources after incurring losses during the flood in December last year which washed away my fish cages,” he said. He said the suit would not deter his spirit to continue campaigning for the conservation of the environment and people. – BERNAMA