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Netizen Strikes Back: Fans’ Hilarious Career Advice To Hanez Suraya

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She thought she could get away with stealing another woman’s husband, but that’s the thing with us Malays; we don’t forget.

Undeniably, Hanez’s questionable choice had left the 30-year-old’s acting gigs to dry up.

Just in, the famously out-of-work actress pleaded to the producers to give her one more shot at superstardom.

In an interview with B*Pop, Hanez begged to consider casting her in television shows or stage plays and promised to not let her fans down.

The public has been critical of Hanez’s alleged involvement with a married man and although the controversy had died down, there is an inevitable debris or specks of antagonism left.

And they showed her no mercy, as well, making a mockery out of her misfortune by suggesting her to fill in vacancies as a factory operator!


One cheeky user also jokingly proposed Hanez to turn her life around by switching profession as a banana fritter hawker.

In jest or not, the career advises could give anyone a third-degree burn.

When asked how she felt about her controversy being brought up again, she said she was “really annoyed” and only wanted to move on.

“I will not deny that this matter was caused by some people who don’t want me to be successful. But I feel extremely lucky to have fans and fellow actors who continue to support me,” she said.MYNEWSHUB/Text: Sara Khalid

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