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Neelofa Wants You To Prove She Is A Copy-Cat

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Model and actress Neelofa is too busy building her empire to care about her haters.

That is why she still remains calm and collected despite a series of backlashes after another regarding the patent of her popular hijab line’s collections. This time, it’s the Timeless Beauty Double Collection (TBDC) turn to be accused of copying SugarScarf’s Madison shawls’ design.

The claim came to attention when its founder posted on Instagram on the striking similarities between Madison and TBDC’s designs, along with a lengthy caption of SugarScarf ‘s humble beginnings and its founders’ tireless work to get the brand to the place it is today.

In addressing the plagiarism claim by the other well-known shawl brand, the 26-year-old director and founder of Naelofar Hijabs said that her accuser’s actions are uncalled for and “unprofessional”.

“If ever there’s a party that has concrete evidence that Naelofar Hijabs plagiarized their designs, they can take the matter directly to our company’s team of legal advisors.

“I have attend to the matter in the most diplomatic way. To the individual (SugarScarf’s founder) concerned, please contact me personally so I could direct you to our lawyers and have this subject dealt with rationally and smoothly,” she told mStar Online.

Both scarves have a similar criss-cross awning, but made from slightly different fabrics.




Such design, however, is highly popular in Indonesia where the hijab trend is more bold and daring. Therefore, it is highly unlikely for the design to be plagiarized.

Meanwhile, the issue has made fans of both sides of the camps have a little showdown of their own to fend off negative comments about their beloved hijab brands. One of the comments that stood out to us is the argument that there is no such thing as originality in fashion.

And Neelofa has the same opinion, too. However, she urged her accuser to come out with proof that she indeed has copied designs.

“Show me the proof that Naelofar Hijabs replicated your designs as I am very sure that it has never been patented.”




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