Neelofa Not Looking For Love And Is Happier Single

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Ever since her 2013 high-profile break up with actor Hans Isaac, Neelofa’s love life have been somewhat under the radar, if it ever existed at all.

The 26-year-old is more focused on her TV hosting career and the hugely-successful Naelofar hijab line she co-founded with her family two years ago.

Admitting that she is still unattached, Neelofa says nowadays that she has lost the desire to be in a romantic relationship with any man out there.

Quoting from Berita Harian, Neelofa says: “My heart does not belong to anybody right now and I haven’t found anybody yet.

“The urge to be in love has not even emerged yet, how could I plan for something as long-term as a wedding? I am not bitter over what was written by God for me, but as for now, I am interested in falling in love and be in a committed relationship with anybody.”

However, Neelofa admits that while her heart is closed, but the dream of a marriage have been harbouring deep in her heart for the longest time.

“But still, it is not what I want at a specific time to a specific someone right now. Maybe people out there will have doubts if I say this, but for the time being, my heart has zero interest in romance,” she says.-MYNEWSHUB.CC