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Nazim Othman Talks About His Brain Tumour, Admits To Live In Fear

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Actor Nazim Othman have finally disclosed about the illness is not cancer or tumour as portrayed in social media.

Nazim explained at length in Astro’s HLive talk show programme Apa Kata Malaysia hosted by Datuk Aznil Hj Nawawi yesterday.

“What I can safely assure, is that I do not have cancer, it’s just a growth in the brain and I had it removed safely via surgery.

“Before the surgery, which was done on March 6, I feared it was cancer that would affect my life.


“Thank God my surgery went well and the doctor who treated me had confirmed that the growth was a common tumour. However, I can’t celebrate just yet, follow-up treatments should be made for the sake of my health,” he said.

In the meantime, Nazim also shared how the pain escalated to the point for him to undergo surgery.

He said that in the beginning, he felt feverish and an immense pain in his head area.

“The pain got worse that at one time I had to call an ambulance myself to take me to the hospital, as I did not want anyone else to know what happened to me.

“Having went through MRI examination, the doctor confirmed that there was a tumour in the head that was swollen, and surgery should be made in order for the growth not to spread to other areas,” said Nazim.

Nowadays, Nazim has put a bit of weight on due to the effects of medications taken.

He also revealed that the incision wound have not healed completely because it was not sewn but ‘stapled’ onto his skin.

Overwhelmed by the support and love shown by friends and his fans, Nazim expressed his gratitude to everyone who prayed for his health and wellbeing.

On that note, Nazim told Aznil that he wasn’t sure whether he wanted to resume his acting and modelling career in the future.-MYNEWSHUB.CC

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