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:Natural Beauty Labels Decoded: Words To Look Out For

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Appearances can be deceiving and with all the natural beauty products out there, it can be hard to tell what you’re looking for on the label. Here are a few tips to help decode the label and help you decide if you’re choosing the right product.

What’s in a name?
Some products may slap ‘natural’ on their label, but don’t take it for face value. They could just mean they have a natural element such as a ‘natural lavender fragrance.’ In the same way, just because a beauty product has been called ‘eco’ or ‘green’ it’s usually referring to the packaging, which can’t hurt but it doesn’t necessarily relate to the product. Be safe and check the ingredients list to be sure you’re getting a natural product.

Check the order
Take note of the order in which ingredients are listed. Australian law requires ingredients to be listed in descending order of quantity used. If the most effective ingredient is somewhere down the bottom, then there’s only a small amount used and it might be worth looking for a different product.

Don’t let scientific names confuse you
Look for the common name of each ingredient on the label. Ingredient lists will always mention the scientific name first, followed by its common name in brackets e.g. Tocopherol acetate is the scientific name for vitamin E.

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Ingredients to avoid
A real natural product will never include Sulfates, Parabens or Petrochemicals, so make sure they’re not written in the ingredient list.

Natural Ingredient standard
Many natural beauty companies will have a ‘Natural Ingredient Standard’ that sets a benchmark for their products and dictates which ingredients can and cannot be called natural. It’s a good idea to look these up before buying to make sure their standards meet yours.

Animal testing
Always check for a No Animal Testing claim on products. A natural company that still tests on animals could be questionable.MYNEWSHUB/Women’s Health 


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