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NASOM Supports Film ‘Redha-Beautiful Pain’ On Autism

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SHAH ALAM: The National Autism Society of Malaysia (Nasom) has lent its support to Current Pictures Sdn Bhd over the production of a movie on an autistic boy, ‘Redha-Beautiful Pain’ which ended its shooting at the Shah Alam Aquatic Centre on Wednesday.

Directed and co-produced by an enterprising husband-and-wife team of Tunku Mona Riza and Ku Mohamad Haris, the movie is about an autistic boy named Daniel, and the suffering, trials and tribulations of his parents in bringing him up.

The parents, who waited many years before conceiving a child, noticed strange traits in their son but did not know initially about the symptoms of autism.

“There has not been that many films focusing on those living with autism.

Therefore, this effort in documenting the daily lives of an autistic child and his parents is very timely.

“Tunku Mona and her team are to be commended for taking a bold step into understanding the world of autistic children who are often misunderstood despite numerous awareness campaigns being held,” said Nasom chairman Bistamam Siru in a press statement.

He said, among Nasom’s aims and objectives were to promote awareness, education and acceptence of Malaysians with autism, and the main message of this movie was consistency with the aims.

He said, as symptoms of autism could easily be misunderstood, Nasom’s staff and teachers, together with parents of autistic students provided relevant input into the making of the movie.

“This includes observing the daily lives of the selected students and understanding their behavior.

“Subject to the timeline for obtaining Finas clearance, we intend to hold a charity premiere for ‘RedhaBeautiful Pain’ in conjunction with our annual Sunshine September event at Suria KLCC,” added Bistamam.

The movie stars well-known actors such as Remy Ishak, Namron, Nadiya Nisaa, Suzan Menan, Angeline Tan, Susan Lankester, Ruminah Sidek (Mak Mah), Harith Haziq, Izzy Izzuddin, Ann Abdullah and Marisa Yasmin.

Meanwhile, Tunku Mona said it had always been her dream to produce a movie on children with autism and in doing so, her team provided opportunities for the public to learn a thing or two about autism.

“The objective of producing this movie is also to prove that autistic children are able to lead a productive and fulfilling life,” she said.

Autism or Autism Spectrum Disorder is a group of complex disorders of brain development affecting speech, language, mental, intellectual, sensory, cognitive and social skill development of a child.

It is a lifelong neurobiological disorder with accompanying learning and social adjustment disabilities that might require a lifetime specialist support. – Bernama


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