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Najib Would Be “Silly” To Use Own Name In Personal Account For Songlap

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The Sarawak Report on money being transferred into Najib’s accounts have been hot this morning.

Sarawak Report also says that WSJ was also passed these documents -not sure by whom but it could be Sarawak Report passing these docs to WSJ since Sarawak Report seems to know so early that WSJ has these.

In the entire WSJ or Sarawak Report articles, they keep saying the source is from Malaysian investigators but did not offer any such proof of documents in both reports too. Only some flowcharts and account numbers.

However, no Malaysian investigators have yet to confirm if such allegations are true or if there is even such an.investigation.

Recently, Sarawak Report has been accused of tampering documents with regards to 1MDB over the Xavier Justo affair.

They were also caught tampering before in the past:

And of course Sarawak Report’s “highly credible” post just before GE13 detailing a flood of phantom bangla voters out to steal GE13:

Of course we later found out such phantom foreign voters allegations was untrue that even BERSIH and the rest of Pakatan Rakyat soon disowned any knowledge of ever making such allegations before.

For the purpose of songlap, I would think that Najib would have been quite silly to have such large sums of moneys flowing through his personal accounts in a bank in Malaysia where numerous banking staff would have access to it – unless of course the source of money and the use of money was above board or can be explained.

If Najib is really so silly to use his personal account in his name in a bank in Malaysia for songlap then he deserves to be sacked.

In any case, we await Govt and Najib’s confirmation or denial and explanation on this issue.- Lim Sian See


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