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Najib Says Will Not Stoop To ‘Immoral Politics’ Of Former Leader

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KUALA LUMPUR – Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak said he does not wish to stoop to the level of what he described as the ‘immoral and rude’ politics of a former national leader.

The Prime Minister said he had to exercise caution and engage in politics of good morals, etiquette and courtesy.

Najib did not name any leader but it was clear that he was referring to Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

“He has done much wrong, but he does not respond (to questions). When asked whether he knows, he says he does not. When asked whether he remembers, he says he cannot.

“He is angry with everyone – angry with the Bugis. The Bugis are warriors. Do not order me to go back. I have not asked him to go back. I do not want to stoop to his level,” the UMNO president said when closing the national-level UMNO Social Media Convention at the Putra World Trade Centre here, yesterday.

UMNO secretary-general Datuk Seri Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor, UMNO treasurer Datuk Seri Dr Salleh Said Keruak and UMNO Information Technology Bureau chairman Datuk Ahmad Maslan were also present at the event.

Najib said there was nothing wrong with having differences of opinion but one must not discredit anyone because it was not the Malaysian way of politics.

We do not strike in a crude manner. That’s why we do not teach Malaysians to participate in such politics. We are leaders, the elderly, we have to be exemplary.

Najib also said that much false news and baseless accusations were being circulated on social media with the intention of undermining his credibility as a national leader.

(For example), I did not give PAS any money (as Clare Rewcastle Brown claimed I did). That’s why PAS sued Sarawak Report. Clare is panicky. I cannot comment because it is sub judice, he said.

Najib called on UMNO members to strengthen the party machinery, saying the circulation of false news on social media would continue to be the capital of the political opposition.

He said UMNO members should be diligent, steadfast and bold in expressing their opinions, including those associated with government policies, on social media.

If the estimated 3,800 UMNO members in this hall respond every time I tweet or post an entry on Facebook, we will emerge victorious in the cyber war, we will win!

I am relying on the virtual warriors to win GE14 (14th General Election). If we want to retain the government, we have to work hard to win GE14, he said.

In a firmer tone, Najib reminded UMNO members against quarrelling among themselves on social media, saying their main adversary was the opposition.

Our adversary is the opposition. Let’s not have friendly fire among ourselves. Sometimes, we can be jealous of ourselves.

I do not like such behaviour. The general election is upon us. Even if we do not like someone, let’s not have friendly fire, he said.

Najib indicated that GE14 would be the mother of all general elections, particularly with the various successes achieved including the launch of the Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) and the Digital Free Trade Zone launched yesterday.


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