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Najib: Fake News Capable Of Destroying Malaysia’s Peace & Harmony

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PETALING JAYA – Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak launched into a tirade about the onslaught of fake and defamatory news during election season, reminding voters to be wary of what they read online.

In his blog on Wednesday (April 25), the Barisan Nasional chairman slammed the Opposition for allegedly spreading fake news, which he said is capable of destroying the country’s peace and harmony.

He said there had been instances of false news circulating during GE13 which caused discontent, giving the example of news about 40,000 phantom voters from Bangladesh and blackouts at a polling centre.

“It is surprising that these accusations, like any other, only require a bit of research and logical thinking to prove that it is false. However, due to political enthusiasm many believe it blindly,” wrote Najib, who is also Prime Minister.

He added that even Lembaga Tabung Haji was affected by fake news claiming the pilgrimage fund had suffered losses and was not able to repay its depositors.

His blog post came a day after he made Twitter post debunking a viral message about 15 million plastic fingers coming in from China that would be used on polling day.

The prosthetic fingers were supposedly to protect fingers from being stained by indelible ink on polling day, enabling these unknown parties to vote numerous times.

On his Twitter account, Najib shared screenshots of news articles that had featured these prosthetic fingers – supposedly made for former Japanese yakuza gangsters who had their fingers cut off. – The Star Online

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