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Najib Announces Construction Of 2 Major Rural Roads In Sarawak

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KAPIT (Sarawak) – Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak today closed the ‘Gawai Dayak’ celebration here and announced allocations for the construction of two major rural roads.

He announced an RM87-million allocation for the construction of the “missing link” of 9.6 kilometres between Nanga Temalat in Song and Nanga Ngemah in Kanowit, thus completing the Sibu-Kapit Road.

He also announced an RM37-million allocation for the construction of a road from Sungai Banyau to Sungai Mujong.

The prime minister said the Barisan Nasional (BN) would continue helping all the people in the country through various government policies, including the National Transformation Programme and the 11th Malaysia Plan (2015-2020), and give the highest priority to the rural areas.

Najib, who is also BN chairman, said the BN was fair to all the people and represented all communities in the country.

“The BN does not make empty promises, nor does it stand on unclear ground. The opposition can make numerous promises but we know that the proof is on the side of the BN,” he said.

He said this at the closing ceremony of the Kapit Gawai Dayak Celebration 2015 at the Bengau Andah Longhouse, Nanga Sut, Balleh.

Najib, who expressed his happiness in celebrating the Gawai at the longhouse, said his presence was a manifestation of his intention to implement the inclusive policies which included all ethnic and sub-ethnic groups throughout the country.

“I say this because I don’t want it to become political rhetoric but I want to prove that whatever I say will be carried out by the government.

“That’s why I come to places such as this to the extent that the people of Sarawak, including the chief minister (Tan Sri Adenan Satem), say that I am the prime minister who has made the most number of trips to Sarawak and implement development projects that are most needed by the people of Sarawak,” he added.

Najib also expressed his happiness at the response given by the local people to him at the function where they brought along placards stating that the “Dayak Sokong Najib” (Dayak Support Najib).

“This gives me the inspiration. The Dayak community supports me and the Dayak people continue to defend my leadership as the prime minister,” he said.

He felt that the support was not coerced but that the Dayak community could evaluate that since becoming prime minister he had implemented policies that truly benefited the Dayak community although they lived in the interior areas such as Kapit.

Najib said Sarawak was an important state and had vast potentials for development.

The Bakun Dam alone could generate 3300 megawatt of hydro-electric power while the Balleh Dam was expected to generate 1,400 megawatt.

The prime minister also said he would give serious attention to the proposed construction of a vocational training centre for the needs of the younger generation in the Kapit Division. – BERNAMA


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