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Nagging Wives Among Contributors To High Divorce Rates

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Nagging wives and sex-crazed husbands are among the top five reasons cited by Muslim couples who filed for divorce in Selangor last year, reported Harian Metro

According to the Jais marriage and divorce department head registrar Aluwi Parman, the other three reasons are religious ignorance, financial instability and interference from third parties.

“Muslim divorce rates in Selangor shot up to 6,912 cases last year, compared to 6,162 cases in 2013. Of these, 3,156 cases last year involved couples aged between 31 and 35 years,” he said.

Aluwi also believed divorce cases in Selangor were constantly increasing due to population density and married couples from other states moving here for work.

On the issue of polygamy, many couples were conducting their marriages overseas, like Thailand and Indonesia, thinking it would be easier, but they often end up going to Jais when problems arise.

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