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Muhyiddin Is Non-Existent In Ongoing Umno Assembly

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KUALA LUMPUR: The Riverside Restaurant is filled right up to the brink, the usual scene whenever Umno holds its annual general assemblies year in year out.

Sitting and chatting out loud are Umno delegates and observers who come from the 191 party divisions all over the country.

Happy atmosphere and friendly arguments are the order of the day but none spoke about Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin and the issues he raised that had him sacked from the Cabinet in June.

They talked about everything from economy to politics with jokes created over the issues but still none raised the issue of the deputy president who had called on party president who is the Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak to step down over 1MDB and Rm2.6 billion issues.

It is obvious that Muhyiddin issue is not on their list of important items to be discussed and resolved.

“We consider Muhyiddin’s attack on Najib as personal that smack more of personal interest and other motives.

“The 1MDB and RM2.6 billion issues are just reasons to cover the real motives,” said a delegate from Lumut, Perak.

Another delegate from Bandar Tun Razak, Kuala Lumpur, said the fact that Muhyiddin did not receive support from grassroots when he was sacked from Cabinet reflected Umno members’ opinions on the issue.

He said party members understood Muhyiddin’s worry over the issue, but he seemed to have taken advantage of the situation instead of helping Najib to resolve them.

“We are also worried and we also want the issues raised solved but at the same time we must understand the party procedures and method.

“Like the two issues raised, we asked and given explanation.

“We pledged our trust and loyalty to the leadership to solve them and we gave them time to find the solutions.

“We do not want to continue harping because this will be to the advantage of the oppositions,” the delegate added.

What they are saying is that Muhyiddin had raised the issues when he could easily get the explanation from ‘the horses mouth’ and when he started going public on the issues, he is seen as having ulterior motives.

Worse is that the oppositions have jumped on his bandwagon to undermine the stability and unity of Umno and the government.

An aide to a minister said Muhyiddin seemed to take advantage of the issues to push himself up the political heirarchy but sadly there was no support.

“Umno members, despite seen as easy going, in reality they see deeper, I observe.

“The fact they did not comment when you asked what action to be taken against Muhyiddin reflect their trust and confidence in the leadership to take any action deem fit.

“They disagree with Muhyiddin’s action and they leave it to the leadership to act on it,” he added.

In short, as far as delegates who represented the members are concern; Muhyiddin is not an asset and obviously not important now since he did not toe the leadership line.

They do not see Muhyiddin’s action as the concern of party members or the country’s interest.

And if Muhyiddin does not attend the assembly on Thursday, they do not seem to mind as today’s atmosphere reflects they are not concern of Muhyiddin’s present or not.

To out it crudely, one delegate said: “To many of us, Muhyiddin has never been people-friendly so to speak.”-MYNEWSHUB/Text: Hassan Idris

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